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PEAK Biolabs started as a passion project for a small group of amateur (but competitive athletes and creatives. We have long sought high quality and science-based supplements to enhance our training, recovery, and performance -- both mental and physical.

PEAK is a brand built on science and excellence, with clinical data backing up premium formulations by Canadian medical researchers. All PEAK Biolabs products are FDA approved and independently tested. No sugar, no fillers, no junk. Just natural, effective, proven formulas.

PEAK partners with and supports high-performance individuals and those seeking to better themselves from all walks of life, from youth athletes to the highest level champions and performers.

We’re proud of our products, which is why we sell them directly to you. No MLMs, no middle-men, no hoops to jump through - just a transparent and honest approach.

Formulated in Canada

Made in Thailand

FDA Approved

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice

Independently Tested

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

We are obsessed with achieving excellence.

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100% All Natural



Dairy Free


Halal / Kosher

PEAK Biolabs - Edge || Elevate

Edge and Elevate Brain Supplements are nootropic formulas designed to optimize your brain’s performance, keeping you focused, sharp, and energetic through even the most demanding tasks.


prevents against free radical damage and inflammation


removes harmful buildup and toxins


enhances your memory and focus with long-term use


mental performance and endurance across a range of tasks

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Edge and Elevate are stimulant-free, all natural formulas, designed to enhance your brain’s performance and overall health with long term use.

Inflammation and toxins created during the bodies natural Lipid Repair Cycle result in cognitive performance decline eg. forgetfulness & slow reaction speed

Slowing free radical attack

Lowering inflammation

Removing harmful compounds

Increasing natural repair processes

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